Driving in Greece

You must have an international driving permit (preferably with the original - national). International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by local departments of communication on application, a photo presentation of the license and ID card and the payment of 11 zł. It has a three-year period of validity. According to the Ministry of Transport, all European countries except Albania, Greece and Switzerland (not signed the Vienna Convention of 1968) simply honor the Polish driving license issued after January 1, 1971. However, it is regarded as an IDP additional proof of identity, written in several languages. MPJ should be translated into Greek (preferably in the Office of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translators, Athens Street. Voukourestiou 3, tel 324 40 35, 324 40 82). Of course, you must also have proof of registration and current insurance.

Beach Party

Who doesn't love a good beach party? We love them and in Greece we have many! We're just waiting for the warmer days to come and we'll be spending all nights at the beach! I can't wait to smell the beach barbeque and relax under the stars!

Who is cyberstalking you?

I've been looking for interesting Greek names (for no particular reason:) and I came across an interesting website about cyberstalking. It's called StalkInfo.com and it tells you if your name has been searched for on the Internet and it will even show you the location of your stalkers!

Of course I searched also for my own name (Julia), but it wasn't in the database yet. So I added it and soon will see the results if I have an Internet stalker, or not:)

The Ancient Greeks and their heritage

The ancient Greeks are treated today as one of the sources of our civilization and culture. This applies above all to philosophy and art, mainly to Greek classical period. Already in the works of the creators of Ancient Rome, this period was admired and treated as a luxury. The art of this period is often considered of secondary importance. Perhaps the reason for this state of affairs are meager written sources and material that have been preserved to this day.

Getting to Crete by car

To reach Crete by car you will have to take a ferry from Piraeus. The ferries sail to Iraklion, Rethymnon and Chania. Prices are dependent on the standard and speed of the shuttle. The main selection criteria in my case was the price and nighttime flow so I chose the Elyrosa Anek Lines. We paid 146 Euro for two and the car. The ferry which sails from Piraeus at 22:00 arrives in Chania at 6:00 in the morning.