When is the best time to go to Greece?

In most places, people, and we can meet and agree on a very cleverly Greeks, except, of course, peak season running from early July to late August, when temperatures increase rapidly growing crowds of tourists surpassing his number of Greeks themselves.
Do not miss the warmer weather, when you arrive in June or September, well spend time almost everywhere, but especially on the islands. The exception to this rule are, however, the northern coast - especially the peninsula and the islands Hallidhili Samothraki and Thasos, which really can meet and satisfy visitors in June and September.
In October, almost certainly you will meet a stormy period, particularly in western Greece or in the mountains, but by October most of the summer Ayios Dhimirios (the Greek equivalent of the Indian year) prevails. This is particularly in southern Dodakanez and Crete, the place is amazing at that time enjoyable.
Autumn is usually beautiful, the light is softer, the sea is often milder than the wind, and the colors more subtle. The time from December to March are the coldest months and the least reliable, although even then there are many crystal clear, nice day, beautiful lowland flowers begin to bloom early spring.
Weather conditions are deteriorating and low temperatures persist, of course, with a change in the geographical areas, the more the northern zone and increased the amount the longer it will remain cold weather period, for example, showing the same mountains covered with snow from November to May.
Milder winter climate can be found in Rhodes or in the south eastern parts of Crete.
With the spring followed by slow warming, but May is still quite uncertain month, but perfect for admiring the wild flowers, green landscapes and shooting opportunities. During May the weather is a bit more predictable and islands such as Crete, the Peloponnese and Ionian Islands are in the best period to visit, even if the sea is still a little too cold to be swimming in it.
Other factors that affect a proper time for myself to travel to Greece are connected with this which is a rambler, and what with the facilities we are interested. The level of services, especially in taverns, increase under pressure to produce peak season. Standard room reaches its peak in the period from July to September (as well as during Easter and Christmas).