Greece - brief history

The French Revolution and the defeat of Turkey by Russia, have caused a real explosion of fighting for freedom in Greece. Mastered part of the country, the Greeks declared their independence in 1822r.Alliance of the Balkan countries and the Balkan war (1912 - 1913) meant that Greece has regained a part of Macedonia, Epirus and southern Aegean. In 1924 Greece was proclaimed a republic.In 1941, Greece was occupied by German troops, guerrillas fighting the Nazis in 1944 led to the liberation of Greece. In 1952, joined NATO. In 1967 the military junta took power in Greece and in 1973 announced the abolition of the monarchy.The following year, the junta was overthrown, and a return to parliamentary government. In 1975 passed a new constitution. In May 1980 the parliament elected as president K. Karamanlis, the re-election in 1985. In January 1981, Greece was admitted as a member of the EEC.