History of Greece

Greece is the nucleus of European civilization. About 2500 BC Crete Minoan culture developed. Residents living in these areas focused mainly in the larger cities and were mainly trade throughout the Mediterranean. After 1400 years BC culture has been supplanted by a come from the mainland, the Mycenaean culture. Current areas of Greece since the year 1000 BC peoples were conquered by the north, who founded the independent city states such as Athens and Sparta. Becoming the most powerful countries often there have to fight between them, however, able to unite and stand together in defense against invaders from Persia. In 338 BC all of Greece was conquered by the ruler of Macedonia, Alexander the Great. In 146 BC Greece was overrun by the Romans and from 330 to 1453 was part of Byzantium and the later period of the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Greece has freed itself from the Turkish occupation in 1829. Greece fully democratic country has become in 1975. Today is one of the countries of the European Union whose main driving force behind the economy is tourism.